This is Penn/Brite Offset – the Value Sheet


Giusti, George:


New York and Penn Pulp and Paper Manufacturers. No date (c. 1959-61). Mini poster, litograph-offset (30,5 x 22,2 cm). Upper corners with foldmarks. Trade advertisements: one-page two-sided full colour promotion on Penn/Brite paper. Very rare.
”These advertisements for Penn/Brite Offset paper are joyful examples of graphic style.” Steven Heller.
George Giusti (1908-1990) trained at the Reale Accademia e Belle Arti in Milan. He worked in Lugano before opening his own studio in Zurich. In 1938 he emigrated to the United States, beginning a long and productive career as a designer His style changes regualrly to adapt to the tenor of the times, later loosing some of his simple directness kin modish flourish. For more than four decades in America George Giusti’s graphic designs have graced the covers of Time, Fortune, Holiday and other major magazines. He has done advertising and graphic designs, illustrations, trademarks, client and employee publications, and package designs for major corporations. He served for ten years as art consultant to Geigy Pharmaceuticals in the United States and Switzerland.


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