This is Penn/Brite Gloss Coated Letterpress


Fujita, S. Neil:


New York and Penn Pulp and Paper Manufacturers. No date (c. 1959-61). Mini poster, litograph-offset (30,5 x 22,2 cm). Upper right corner with a small folding mark. Trade advertisements: one-page two-sided full colour promotion on Penn/Brite paper. Very rare.
”These advertisements for Penn/Brite Offset paper are joyful examples of graphic style.” Steven Heller.
Sadamitsu ”S. Neil” Fujita (1921–2010) was an American graphic designer known for his innovative book cover and record album designs. Fujita joined a prominent Philadelphia ad agency—N. W. Ayer & Son—after completing his studies. He employed an avant-garde style and was noticed by Columbia Records. Columbia hired him in 1954 to build a design department to build on the work of Alex Steinweiss. Columbia felt a particular need to keep up with the cover art of Blue Note Records. Fujita created numerous iconic covers of the period, including that of Time Out, ’Round About Midnight, and Mingus Ah Um. In 1957, Fujita left Columbia in order to broaden his portfolio. He started his own firm, but rejoined the company soon after. In 1963 he joined the public relations firm Ruder & Finn, creating a design division called Ruder, Finn & Fujita (later Fujita Design) where he embarked on a long career of book cover design. He designed the covers for In Cold Blood, The Godfather, and Pigeon Feathers. He taught design at the Philadelphia Museum College of Art, the Pratt Institute, and Parsons School of Design.


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