The Book of Intertype Faces




Intertype Corporation, Brooklyn, New York. No date (c. 1938). 4to (28 x 20 cm). viii, 507, (5) pages. All pages are present but the binder has been unlocked and some sheets have been mixed up. Book starts with section ”Intertype Border Matrices” pp. 407-410, 417-420, 422a-422d, 427-428, 439-440, 447,450. After that, regular pagination. If you want to sort the pages, the book has instructions about how to open the binding (we dare not to do it!). Cloth binding, spine and covers worn. With an index. Provenance: Johan Ström, Swedish book- and type designer. Fonts by Johan Ström are Indigo & Fell, used in our Newsletters.

Intertype’s typeface and font catalogue – the ’Book of Intertype Faces’ shows the huge range of typefaces, fonts, sizes and weights that were available in the 1930s for the mechanical line-casting machines that were used by the newspaper industry, book publishers and jobbing printers. Intertype manufactured mechanical linecasting machines from 1910 to around 1970. Virtually almost all of Intertype’s typefaces were derivatives of, or supplied to them, by the Bauer Type Foundry. Typefaces designed, cut and casted at Intertype in this catalogue are for example: Vogue Series, Cairo, Ideal News.


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