The Animals went in 1 by 1…


Lubalin, Herb:

Slut i lager


Visual Graphics Corporation. 1965. Poster designed by Herb Lubalin. Measures: h 63,5 x w 48 cm. A tiny piece of paper loose at lower edge. Set in Emphasis designed by Robert S. Maile, JR. Typositor typography by Aaron Burns & Co. Printing by Drum Lithographers, Inc. (Snyder & Peckolick p. 39, no. 20).
Lubalin was commissioned to design a series of posters based on typefaces that had won the National Typeface Design Competition, an award scheme sponsored by Visual Graphics Corporation (VGC), a prominent U.S. type foundry and typesetting machine manufacturer in the 1960s and 70s. Lubalin used the commission to show the versatility of contemporary typefaces, and how it was possible to create dynamic posters that used type as main component.


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