Susana Solano. 29 maj-11 juli 1993. Malmö Konsthall


Solano, Susana


Malmö Konsthall, 1993. Screentryckt affisch, (70 x 100 cm).
While Solano has made abstract works on paper throughout her life she began creating sculptures – for which she is best known – as early as 1979. Her aforementioned first solo exhibition in 1980 at the Fundació Joan Miró, Barcelona, included a group of brass-and-wood sculptures, as well as wall mounted sewn-canvas works. Thereafter her work continued to encompass a range of materials typically associated with modernist sculpture, such as iron, steel, lead, glass, and wire mesh. Through her manipulations and juxtapositions of these materials, however, her sculpture developed to become more evocative of structures found in nature or in domestic settings, such as a bridge or a table. She focused on their potential symbolic meanings by creating works that are formally rigorous and imposing in scale and materiality, and her human-scaled works are often handmade; the traces of her processes – welding marks, folds, stains, and scratches – are frequently left visible on the surface.


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