Specimen of ”Monotype” Times New Roman and it’s related series


Morison, Stanley – Monotype


The Monotype Corporation Limited, London. No date (1943?). 8 pp. Format 29,1 x 21,6 cm. A folded 2-sided printed matter. Two colours, red and black. Slightly yellowed, minor tear and crack to the folder.

This specimen presents Times New Roman, ”The most important type design of the twentieth century”. Monotype was entrusted by The Times to cutting the thousands of patterns and steel punches required for the experimental and final versions of this renowned face. It was released in 1931. This folded specimen refers to the 1943 booklet on Times New Roman, Letter Perfect, printed by publishing company Crawell-Collier in 1943. This year Crowell-Collier restyled many of their publications in Times New Roman. An assumption is that this type specimen was also published in the fourties. Includes examples of weights and versions. There are samples of body fonts and head-lines in various sizes and leadings.


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