Proef van letteren J. Enschedé 1768 / The Enschedé Type Specimens of 1768 and 1773


Lane, John A.:

Slut i lager


De Buitenkant, Amsterdam. 1991. Facsimile, 248 pp., is clothbound; 116-page introduction in wraps. Two volumes. Both in slipcase. New copy.
A facsimile of the famous typeface from 1768 by Lettergieterij Enschedé with the supplement from 1773. The description is included in a separate book.
’Proef van Letteren 1768’ shows Enschedé’s letter foundry in its heyday and gives an almost complete overview of the letters that could be obtained at Enschedé in those days. This concerned not only Latin fonts, but also music, ornaments and some exotic letter forms such as Armenian. In addition to this beautiful collection, this book also contains a number of copper engravings, including portraits of Laurenz Jansz Coster, book printer; Joan Michael Fleischmann, maker of many of the letters, and a fold-out page of the type foundry.
The introduction places the typespecimen in a historical context. In addition, all fonts are mentioned when and by whom they were created. This publication provides an excellent overview of Dutch literature culture from before 1800.
Published in collaboration with Stichting Museum Enschedé and The Enschedé Font Foundry.


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