No Art Without Craft. The Life of Theodore Low De Vinne, Printer


Tichenor, Irene:


David R. Godine, Boston 2005. xii, 329 pages + colophon. Red cloth titled and decorated in gilt on the front cover & the spine. Dust jacket. 57 b/w text illustrations + 8 pages of colour illustrations. With a check list of Theodore Low De Vinne’s published writings. New copy.
This full-scale, illustrated biography of Theodore Low De Vinne (1828–1914) explores the life of a seminal figure in the history of American printing. Born in upstate New York, he was for years the primary printer for the Century Company, producing its distinguished list of books and such national magazines as St. Nicholas and The Century. His masterly printing of wood engravings, together with his obsession with presswork, composition, and typefaces, gained him and his firm an international reputation, while his four volumes on the history and practice of typography are considered classics.
”Irene Tichenor’s authoritative No Art Without Craft is very welcome indeed.” Terry Belanger.


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