La Belle O’Morphi


Heriz, Patrick de:

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The Golden Cockerel Press, London, [1947] 36 pages. Narrow 8vo. Half red cloth with blue cloth sides, gilt insignia and ’GCP’ on front cover, top edge gilt. Collotype reproductions of paintings by Francois Boucher. Set in Garamond 11 pt type with Fournier titling. Printed on Anold’s mould-made paper in 750 numbered copies, this is No. 603, one of 650 copies bound in cloth.
”A biography of the Irish imp who fascinated Louis XV, and was model to the painter, Boucher /…/ Readers of this bibliography will no doubt concede that I am captiously critical of most of my ‘cockerels’, but I admit that I can find no fault with this little ‘coquette’.” (Cockalorum 173).


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