Freude an schöpferischer Arbeit [Typotron Volume 10]


Hochuli, Jost:


Typotron AG, St. Gall, 1992. 44 pages. Singlesection sewn booklet. A grid, used in the book, is printed as a silver lattice on the cover. Over it lies the transparent foil of the jacket, printed with an open-work piece of embroidery. Tall 8vo (24 x 15 cm). Photos by Michael Rast. Designed by Jost Hochuli. ”The grid reflects that on the design paper of embroidery designers: half a French inch. The uncropped photographs, reproduced in the proportion of 2:3, are placed on the grid, which results in surprising constellations.” Set in Univers, printed by Stehle Druck AG. Jacket printed by Frelaplast AG. Binding by Buchbinderei Burkhardt AG. First edition. Text in English. Typotron Volume 10. (Jost Hochuli: Printed matter, mainly books; pp. 126-127).


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