Designing Corporate Symbols


Carter, David E.


Century Communications, Ashland, Kentucky US. 1975. First edition. 8vo

19,7 x 16,5 cm. 150 pp. Soft bound. Cover cloth imitation. Cover has some small edge wear. Distributor logotype on lable on inside back cover (R Matton). 

This small book shows and describes around 140 different contemporary company logotypes and symbols, their background, visual meaning and designer.

David E. Carter is an entrepreneur and writer on graphic design, logo design, and corporate branding. He has written many trademark and logo books and won a number of regional Emmys for his local television productions. Since moving to Sanibel Island, Carter has teamed with Pfeifer Realty Group owner Eric Pfeifer to make several historical documentaries about Sanibel Island including ”Sanibel Before the Causeway” and ”Postcards and Pictures from Sanibel”. “WP”


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