Creative Type. A Sourcebook of Classic and Contemporary Letterforms


Jong, Cees W. de – Purvis, Alston W. – Friedl, Friedrich:


Thames & Hudson, London. 2005. 400 pp. (24.5 x 17.2 cm). Blue cloth with dust jacket. Illustrated in colour and black and white throughout. New copy.
This elegant and easy-to-use book provides a comprehensively illustrated record of the breathtaking advances in typography over the last 20 years, clearly setting them in their historical context, and forming an essential reference for graphic designers everywhere.
The book addresses such issues as the impact of the digital era on typography and the ways in which contemporary designers are harnessing older typefaces to satisfy the needs of the present. It highlights thirty-four modern classic typefaces created between 1985 and 2004, accompanied by comments from each font’s designer. A section devoted to the great typefaces of the past, from Garamond, created in 1530, to Akzidenz Grotesk, created by Günter Gerhard Lange in 1969, completes the volume.
Cees W. de Jong is director of the design studio and publishing company V+K Design-Publishing. Alston W. Purvis is professor of the visual arts division of the School of Arts at Boston University. Friedrich Friedl is professor of typography at the Academy of Design, Offenbach am Main.


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