Rogers, Bruce


Whittington Press. This poster, set in 24- and 14-point Centaur and 22-point Bible Centaur, contains wood-engravings by Hellmuth Weissenborn and was printed for the Whittington Press Open Day, 6 September 2014 on paper made by Batchelors for the prelims of the Oxford Lecturn Bible. (w 33,5 x h 47 cm).
“Centaur is among the most elegant and legible of the twentieth-century romans. Designed by Brtuce Rogers and hand-cut in 1915 for casting into case, it was redrawn for Monotype and reissued in 1929, and used by Rogers for his Oxford Lecturn Bible, described by Stanley Morison as ‘the most monumental impression ever given to a Monotype face’.”


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