Aspen no. 5+6. The Minimalism issue


O’Doherty, Brian (ed.)

Slut i lager


Roaring Fork Press, NYC. Fall-Winter 1967. 27 [28] numbered items. #1. Box. Two-piece box, 8-1/4 by 8-1/4 by 2-1/8 inches. White box of two nearly identical halves, title on side in inconspicuous type. #2. Contents. Editor’s description of items included with this issue. #3. Three Essays. Essays with post-modern perspectives. Roland Barthes: The Death of the Author. George Kubler: Style and the Representation of Historical Time. Susan Sontag: The Aesthetics of Silence. #4. Phonograph recording. Beckett / Gabo & Pevsner. Side A: Samuel Beckett’s Text for Nothing #8 (1958), read by Jack MacGowan. Side B: The Realistic Manifesto (1920), by Naum Gabo and Noton Pevsner, read by Naum Gabo. #5. Phonograph recording. Burroughs / Robbe-Grillet. Side A: Excerpts from Nova Express (1964), by William Burroughs, read by the author. Side B: ”Now the shadow of the southwest column…” an excerpt from Jealousy (1957), by Alain Robbe-Grillet, read by the author. Translation of side B in item 23. #6. Phonograph recording. Feldman / Cage. Side A: The King of Denmark, by Morton Feldman, realized by Max Neuhaus in 1967. Side B: Fontana Mix-Feed, Nov. 6, 1967, by John Cage, realized by Max Neuhaus. Score of side A in item 20. Score of side B in item 21. #7. Maze model part 3. Cardboard model part. Mates with item 9. #8. Maze model part 2. Cardboard model part. Mates with item 27. #9. Maze model part 4. Cardboard model part. Mates with item 7. #10. Maze model part 6. Cardboard model part. Mates with item 25. #11. Maze model part 7. Cardboard model part. Mates with item 26. #12. Phonograph recording. Merce Cunningham. Side A: Space, Time and Dance (1952), by Merce Cunningham. Side B: Further Thoughts (1967), an interview with Cunningham. #13. Phonograph recording. Duchamp / Huelsenbeck. Side A: Marcel Duchamp, The Creative Act (1956). Side B: Richard Huelsenbeck, Four poems from Phantastiche Gebete (1916), and Marcel Duchamp, Some Texts from L’Infinitif (1912-1920). #14. The Russian Desert: A Note on the State of Our Knowledge. Douglas MacAgy on Russian art history. #15. Conditionnement. Reverse side: Repair. A poem by Michael Butor, translated by Michael Benedikt. #16. Poem, March 1966. Conceptual poetry by Dan Graham. #17. Serial Project #1. Description of an installation at Dwan Gallery by Sol Lewitt. #18. Seven Translucent Tiers. A grid study in three dimensions, by Mel Bochner. #19. Structural Play #3. Description of a performance piece by Brian O’Doherty. #20. The King of Denmark. Part of a musical score by Morton Feldman; recording at item 6. #21. Fontana Mix. Musical score by John Cage; recording at item 6. #22. Drawings for The Maze. Illustrates and describes a model by Tony Smith, included in this issue. Its eight pieces are numbered items 7 through 11 and 25 through 27. #23. Translation of Jealousy (Recorded excerpt). A translation by Richard Howard of the excerpt read by Robbe-Grillet on item 5. Item #24, Four Films by Four Artists, is missing. (Included in some copies in lieu of the film spool was a note from the publisher promising that the reel of film would be mailed seperately). #25. Maze model part 5. Cardboard model part. Mates with item 10. #26. Maze model part 8. Cardboard model part. Mates with item 11. #27. Maze model part 1. Cardboard model part. Mates with item 8. #28. Advertisements/Advertisements. Folder, enclosing a sheet for Artforum, 8 by 22 inches, accordion-folded to 8 inches square; sheet for from Wesleyan University Press advertising John Cage’s Silence and A Year from Sunday, 8 by 22 inches, folded twice to 8 inches square; a checklist of Something Else Press books and Great Bear pamphlets, 8-1/2 by 11 inches; a die-cut, color brochure for Bolex super-8 projectors, 9 by 8-3/8 inches, folded to 3-1/8 by 6 inches; subscription form for Aspen, 8-1/2 by 10-5/8 inches, folds to make its envelope (misfolded, to fit in this box); green, black, and white Aspen renewal order form, 6-1/4 by 7-1/4 inches, with perforated detachable envelope. Extremely rare item!


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