American Metal Typefaces of the Twentieth Century


McGrew, Mac

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New Castle, Delaware: Oak Knoll Books, 1993, 4to., cloth, dust jacket. xx, 376, (2) pages. Second, revised edition. Copy as new.
Discover 1,600 classical as well as bizarre typefaces in one of the most massive tributes to the history of printing and metal types! This edition of “American Metal Typefaces of the Twentieth Century” contains 300 more typefaces in a clean, attractive format.
This extremely organized work captures the rapidly disappearing traditions and legacy that metal-type printing has left behind. Much of this information has been lost by the passage of time, and its preservation in this book is essential for anyone studying typefaces, typography and its background. Structured by alphabetically-listed type families, these typefaces and their variant forms are shown in full alphabets – upper and lower case with numerics and punctuation. The specimens themselves are cleanly reproduced from metal types for maximum clarity.
The text is incredibly detailed and informative, not only identifying the designer, foundry and date of issue but also the range of sizes and closely similar designs by other founders. The history, aims and purpose behind many of these typefaces are also described, along with production problems encountered and individual characteristics.
Additional information inclues extensive appendices listing common pseudonyms, popular imports, antique faces plus American Typefounders, Monotype and Ludlow series numbers. The indexes provide easy access to typeface names as well as names of designers, punch cutters, matrix engravers and other tradesman.
The history of metal types and printing, now forever preserved, has long affected the spread of human civilization.


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