About Calligraphy, Typography and Letterspacing


Tschichold, Jan

Slut i lager


Southern College of Art, Southampton. 1951. 18, (2) pages. Small 8vo. Stapled. Stiff paper wrappers. Tear at foot (c. 15 mm) repaired with acid free tape. Label inside front cover. Rare.
From the colophon: ”The text first appeared in Printing Review” but Klemke says that ”Über Kalligraphie, Typographie. Ausschluss und Sperren” was published in ”Sweizer Graphische Mitteilungen”, April, St. Gallen, 1951.
The Penguin Rules were drawn up and have been revised for this reprint by the author.
(Klemke p. 281 & p. 285).


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