61 Books with Black Type on White Cover


Kuchenbeiser, Bernd

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Niggli Publishers, Sulgen. 2014. First edition. 256 pages. Folio (35,5 x 22 cm). Printed, soft covers. Illustrated. Text in English. Limited edition. First edition (large format), September 2014. 200 signed and numbered copies. Signed by hand, ”HC B. Kuchenbeiser for Henrik [Nygren]”. Loosely inserted a postcard dated by hand and with a address: ”20 / III / 15 Dear Henrik, here comes the real thing – hope you’ll like it! All the best from Munich, B.”

A ”good book” and whatever it is that makes a book beautiful are not easy to define – the details of a design may well suit one book to perfection, but be very much out of place with another publication. With this in mind the author and designer Bernd Kuchenbeiser launched his website ”A good book”, where publications of many different genres are presented and discussed especially in the context of their creative design. He was quick to notice how many of these fine books had a simple design combination of black text on a white background. This observation is why ”61 books with black type on white cover” came into being as an ”analog” selection from the website: each book here is presented with the cover, a bibliography and a short text, anecdote, or even a quotation to initiate discussion.


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