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Self-published. 2018. 19 hand mounted photos spread over 36 pages. 257 mm x 380 mm (shirokuban). Foil embossed hardcover. Paper: Cover: Ichibei Iwano (mullberry/kozo). Inlay: Masa Dosa (handmade japanese paper). Title page, colophon and thank you-page hand texted by sr. Laurentia. Bound, hand text, embossed and photos mounted by a nun at a monastery of Mariavall in Sweden according to their, or rather Benedictus’ motto, ”ora et labora” or ”prayer and work”. Edition: 30 / Signed and numbered (15 for sale).
KAMI is an artists’ book based on photographs taken by Markus Sjöborg in Otaki, Japan 2015 in which he’s been investigating if ”a book could be a temple?” or ”what’s the sound of a one-hand clap?”.
In Otaki they have been making paper for more than 1500 years yet what fascinated Markus was their spiritual relationship to their craftsmanship. Their paper goddess, Kawakami-gozen, the shrines and the annual rituals and traditions every year. Markus spend time in Otaki in 2013 and 2015 and have been working on the book since then.
All the paper in the book has been handmade by Japanese artisans among them Ichibei Iwano which is famous for making some of the highest quality washi in the world. KAMI consists of 20 mounted photographs that have been chosen and laid out to match the spiritual virtues Markus found in the artisans of Otaki. The format is inspired by Shirokuban and measures 257 mm × 380 mm.
KAMI was presented at the Landskrona Photo Festival 2018 and is being exhibited at Ystad Art Museum in their artists’ books collection.


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