Jacob Dahlgren, From A to Z


Dahlgren, Jacob



Garret Publications. Editors: Research and Development, Jacob Dahlgren. Contributors: Magnus af Petersens, Renate Wiehager, Jacquelyn Davis, Matthias Ulrich, Steven Wolf, Stina Högkvist, Harry Weeks and Sally O’Reilly. Concept: Research and Development. Printing: Zwaan Printmedia. Binding: Boekbinderij van Waarden. 240 x 330 mm. 364 p. ISBN: 978-952-7222-01-0

From A to Z is the first collection of Jacob Dahlgren’s complete body of work to date, stretching over two decades. In this format, presenting the work alphabetically by title, old meets new and like any other urban A to Z guide, Dahlgren’s work is linked with action, involving the viewer, opening up space and offering a different perspective on the everyday.

Designed by Research and Development.

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