The Art Of Wood Type


Ruffa, Gregory:

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GRA Publishing, Plainfield. 2008. x, 320 pages. Square, large 8vo (23 x 23,5 cm). Sewn with folding flaps. Signed Christmas card loosely inserted: ”Thank You Peter [Bruhn] Happy New Year. Gregory Ruffa”. Over 120 type faces, displaying proofs and photographs of wood type. First edition.
The Most Comprehensive Book written about Wood Type in the last 50 Years! 330 pages filled with the History of Alphabet, The Anatomy of the Letterform, How wood type was made.
Personal stories from Artists, Typographic designers, The new uses of wood type in printing from two University professors, the story of the world’s largest collector of wood type. Leo Kaplan, Grandfather of the wood type collage and Dave Greer. the largest collector of rare wood and metal type. Book reviews “U&lc” and “WESTVACO” select pages reprinted for your enlightenment and fun.


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