Nicolas Jenson. Together with a leaf from the Jenson Pliny


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The Nimrod Press, Boston. 1966. (2), 7, (3) pages + 1 leaf (typographical specimen). Folio (39 x 26,5 cm). Green cloth binding, printed paper label to front cover. Printed in an edition of only 125 copies. Really nice copy.
The original leaf, bound in, is from Caii Plynii Secundi Naturalis historiae liber .I (Printed by Nicolas Jenson, Venice, 1472). Measure (c. 36 x 24 cm), printed both sides. (Chalmers, Leaf Book 146).
Bruce Rogers believed that Jenson’s roman was ”the most beautiful and the most legible type in the world… improvement of it is forever impossible.”
Daniel B. Updike said ”…while to look at the work of Jenson is to think but of its beauty, and almost to forget that it was made with hands!”


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