Clarendon. Shließt die Lücke im Schriftenprogramm


Eidenbenz, Hermann – Stempel

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D. Stempel AG, Frankfurt am Main. No date (1960s). 30 pp. 22,2 x 21,2 cm. With 8 pages insert 21,6 x 20.4 cm. Folding flap at back. Minor wear to cover edges, last page with dog ear. 

The Clarendon typeface was designed by Hermann Eidenbenz for Stempel in 1952. According to Swedish type historian Valter Falk the first Clarendon was a rather narrow English typeface, cut by Besley/Fox at Fann Street Foundry in 1845. Over the years it evolved into a wider but still sturdy typeface. The name is arguable. Falk mentions that the university press Clarendon House in Oxford, where the Clarendon Press was situated from 1712, might be the inspiration to the name.


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