Beacon Writing Books


Fairbank, Alfred – Stone, Charlotte – Hooper, Winifred


Ginn & Co, London. 1957–66. Different editions. Ca. 336 s. 9 stapled bound booklets (complete!). Illustrated. Some use of colour. The full run is like this: Book One, Book Two, Teachers’ Book for Book One & Two, First Supplement to Books One and Two, Second Supplement to Books One and Two, Book Three, Book Four, Book Five, Book Six. The series was used for the education in the British schools.

Book One, Two and First Supplement with dedications: “For Alan from Alfred”.

Book Three with a loosely postcard from Alfred Fairbank to Frank Allan Thomson where Fairbank asks Thomson to study a manuscript in the booklet: “Isn’t that an early San Vito, before he got the shake?”.


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