18. Didacta Eurodidac


Weingart, Wolfgang:

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Basel, 1981. (128 x 89,5 cm). Offset. Printing office: Frobenius AG, Basel, CH. Some edge wear, otherwise in very good condition. Poster designed by Wolfgang Weingart. “18th Didacta/Eurodidac” Worldformat poster for the convention on teaching aids, film layering, 1980/81.
”Weingart insistently sought new ways of creating images, adopting the halftone screens and benday films used in photomechanical processes as his new tools beginning in the mid-1970s. He used the repro camera to stretch, blur and cut type—a radical new approach for marrying continuous-tone images and letters. He would boast that his design process relied solely on these film manipulations and overlapping colors, seen perhaps most strikingly in his work for the Basel Kunstkredit—black-and-white world-format posters designed between 1976 and 1979 and a series of color posters made between 1980 and 1983.” Philip Burton.


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