Icons of Graphic Design


Heller, Steven & Illic, Mirko:


Thames & Hudson, London. 2008. 224 pp. 4:o (30,5 x 22,7 cm). Paperback with flaps. 967 illustrations, 764 in colour. New copy.
Icons of Graphic Design presents a unique history of design, documenting over a century of creative brilliance. Showcasing the most influential designs and designers from 1900 to the present, this outstanding collection illustrates how the best ideas perpetuate themselves over time, one great concept inspiring the next.
More than one hundred seminal images – one from each year – are shown alongside the works that preceded their creation and the designs that were inspired or evolved from them. Examples include work from both famous and anonymous graphic artists – from Toulouse-Lautrec and Milton Glaser to Peter Saville and Michel Gondry – visually juxtaposing each example to reveal a theme or artistic device.


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