Didascaliæ. Studies in honor of Anselm M. Albareda, prefect of the Vatican Library. Presented by a group of American scholars


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Bernard M. Rosenthal, Inc. New York. 1961. xiv, (2), 530, (3) s. + planscher. (25×17,5) cm. Gulddekorerat klotband med solkigt och skadat skyddsomslag. Illustrerad. Tryckt i 500 exemplar.
Innehåll: 1. The three earliest Vitae of St. Galganus, R. Arbesmann. 2. Hadoardus and the ms. of classical authors from Corbie, B. Bischoff. 3. The structure of Sallust’s Historiae, H. Bloch. 4. A medieval treatment of Hero’s theorem, M. Clagett. 5. Additional questions on Aristotle’s Physics, by Siger of Brabant or his school, C. Ermatinger. 6. The defense of Europe in the renaissance period, O. Halecki. 7. Cardinal Domenico Grimani, Questio de intensione et remissione qualitatis, P. Kibre. 8. Sebastiano Salvini, a Florentine humanist and theologian, P. Kristeller. 9. The gestures of prayer in papal iconography of 13th-14th c., G. Ladner. 10. Greek symptoms in a sixth-century ms. of St. Augustine, E. Lowe. 11. Gomez versus the Spanish college at Bologna, B. Marti. 12. A note on Gregory of Nyssa’s Commentary on the Song of Solomon, homily IV, H. Musurillo. 13. The Bibliotheca Albana Urbinas as repr. in the Library of the Catholic Univ. of America, B. Peebles. 14. The Vossianus Latinus III and the arr. of the works of Ausonius, S. Prete. 15. Copernicus’ quotation of Sophocles, E. Rosen. 16. Urgentibus imperii fatis (Tac. Germ. 33), W. Schmid. 17. Aristotle’s word for `matter’, F. Solmsen. 18. Notes on Leo Tuscus’ translation of the Liturgy of St. John Chrysostom, A. Strittmatter. 19. Manuscripts of Michael Scot’s Liber introductorius, L. Thorndike. 20. Achilles Statius’ mss. of Tibullus, B. Ullman. 21. The unknown author of the Libri Carolini, L. Wallach. 22. Four music books at Washington from the pontificate of Benedict XIII, F. Witty.


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