Bram De Does. Letterontwerper & Typograf / Typographer & Type Designer


Lommen, Mathieu (ed):


De Buitenkant, Amsterdam. 2003. 255 pages + colophon. Card boards. Illustrated in colour and b/w, 1 fold out specimen sheet. New copy.
Bram de Does (19 July, 1934 – 28 December, 2015) was a graphic and type designer. De Does studied at the Amsterdamse Grafische School in the 1950s. De Does came into contact with the printing trade at an early age, as his father had a printing office in the east of Amsterdam. From 1958 to 1988 he worked, with several intervals, at Joh. Enschedé, a printing office in Haarlem. He worked there primarily as a book designer. One of the most perfected is the book Typefoundries in the Netherlands. It was published in 1978, and is a prime example of fine Dutch printing and publishing. Incidentally, it was also the last book Enschedé published that was printed entirely by letterpress. De Does is known for his attention for detail and perfectionism; for the Typefoundries in the Netherlands, he personally supervised the production of the paper (produced with his own recipe) and he insisted that the book should be printed by one person in a specially equipped room. De Does designed Trinité and Lexicon, two useful typefaces.


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