100 Jahre Berthold




H. Berthold AG, Berlin. 1958. Not paginated (c. 72 pp.) Square 8vo (22,5 cm x 21 cm). Soft bound. Sewn. Top of spine chipped, inner hinge weak pp. 8-9. This is a reprint of the festive writing celebrating H. Berthold Messinglinienfabrik 100 years. The booklet was published in July 1958. It was selected one of the 50 most beautiful books in the German Bücher des Jahres that year. The designer, Günter Gerhard Lange, has used typefaces from the Berthold foundry, ranging from A – Z [Antiqua to Ziffern and from Akzidenz Grotesk to Walbaum] for the writings in this tasteful booklet. Ends up with a valuable list, including dates for the release, with the typefaces from the foundry.


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